The Letter| Jackson&Scott

Scott wiped the tears from his eyes when he finished reading the letter he found on his pillow that morning. His name written on the envelope in Jackson’s semi-neat cursive. He doesn’t know how Jackson found out about the texts and notes but he’s glad. This letter…this letter showed him that Jackson does love him. Who would waste their time writing a beautiful handwritten letter if they didn’t mean it? God Jackson…you damn sap. Scott sighed and held the letter to his chest with a bright smiled. “I wonder what he meant. Bind us in every way possible..” He mumbled as he stood and placed the letter in his nightstand before leaving to the kitchen. "You know what…this calls for making his favorite dinner. Grandmama’s spicy garlic and shrimp pasta." He mumbled as he grabbed his keys, the pups, and left the house.

Few hours later, he came back with tired children and couple bags of groceries. He quickly put them all down to nap before putting the groceries away and laying down to take his own nap. But before he fell asleep he sent Jackson a text

I love you. <3